Hi! I’m Jason Atkinson and this is my story. Like many of  you who may be reading this, I thought I knew a few things about how to exercise and eat right but I had grown frustrated with my lack of progress and decided to finally do something about it.

In the photo on the left I weighed 254 lbs and had 33% body fat (I was clinically obese). My doctor’s office notified me that I had early signs of high blood pressure. I didn’t understand how this could be the case, since I worked out with weights regularly and ate on a schedule. (Besides my nightly indulgences of sweets my diet was pretty clean I thought).

After reading about the damaging effects of high blood pressure, I quickly decided that it was not for me. My doctor recommended losing weight to help reverse the condition but wasn’t able to provide a solid plan to follow through. Faced with an alternative of a lifetime on prescription medications I embarked on a journey to discover how to make it happen. What I learned, and what I now make available through my book Live Like an Athlete is the exact opposite of what most people do when trying to get in shape. You can order it on Amazon or click here to get an personalized autographed copy directly from me.

These days I’m able to stay below 199 lbs year round. I’m in a unique category of people who have lost more than 50 lbs (and most importantly I’ve kept it off). Now I’ve made it my life mission to help you do the same!

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Best of health! -Jason